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Progress post---27 days to go!!
by C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe (opaloctober)
at January 18th, 2010 (10:55 am)

I realize it's kinda weird now that our wedding plans have been cut so short that's we're having a courthouse wedding, but I felt the need to post a progress post anyway.

The dress: I have decided not to wear either of my wedding dresses, I've decided to eith sell or donate them. I'd prefer to sell, and i'm going to sell for much less than I got them for (plus shipping, if need be). I just found something nice to wear here at home. My mom took me shopping a while back, and I had forgotyten I had a Burnout Cardigan in Arctic White by White Stag that ties in front and has a split down the middle, and i'm going to wear that with my favorite knee-length black skirt by George with a flounced hem.



Mark has decided to wear all black, with a nice black dress shirt and black slacks, with his black dress shoes.

We have shortened the wedding party drastically (down to four close friends), I am having one MOH and one BM, both best friends, and Mark has his best man (his best friend), and one GM.

We've decided to invite close family and friends to an after-wedding dinner in my hometown at a nice Tex-Mex restaraunt, and order a wedding cake from the grocery store in my hometown.

Our budget for the wedding cake is $150.00, and i'm going with my mom next weekend to order the cake.

For a photographer, we're just going to rely on family, and the wedding party to get the pics we want, and I do have a list of the pics we want, such as a pic of us cutting the cake, rings, etc...

We're not having many decorations, but we are going to order a few things from oriental trading.com, such as a feaux Rose And Lily Of The Valley Bridal Bouquet, Two Hearts Wedding Guest Book And Pen Set, their Personalized Rose Serving Set, Wedding Window Chalk (to decorate the getaway car!!), and Bride And Groom Baseball Cap Set, which I think is adorable, and it all comes to almost $90.00 (with $18.99 3-4 day shipping fee), so i'm pretty happy with that.

The only thing I regret is that my family will be too far to make it to the acytual ceremony I think, but I do believe they're going to try and make it. It really makes me sad that my granny can't come and she'll have no clue that we're getting married. I know it hurts mom too. I'm planning to go see her before the dinner but after the ceremony to take pictures with her.

As for the insurance matters,I REALLY CANNOT go a day with out health insurance, I have to see the Dr/Specialist AND my Psychiatrist every month, plus pick up 7 prescriptions a month, and right now, I have mom's insurance which covers 80%, and medicaid, which covers the other 20%, and for Dr, Specialist & my Psychiatrist visits, medicaid covers all of. and right now i'm on my mom's health insurance from TISD, and most likely, I will be dropped once i'm married, turn 25 (in which case she said she'd get separate health insurance on me anyway just to be sure i'm covered becaudse shje knows we can't afford it) , or stop being a fulltime student, but mom says she'll have to check with her business office to be sure how that goes. In this case, i'm getting married. I think I have a 30-day grace period after she reports my status chance to her Ins company to get new insurance if something happens to where we get married and, for some reason things don't work with Mark and the military, i'm going to ask mom if she can get separate health insurance on me anyway just to be sure i'm covered on something. I've even been checking into insurance on my own, just in case I end up having to pay for my own insurance out of my SSDI payments, but I don't know what to look for.

Overall, about the wedding, mom just says that I better think things through and make sure its what I really want in my heart, becuase noone can make me make this decision to marry Mark. I know noone is, i'm making the choice to marry the man I love. Yeah, we have our problems, sometimes more than your average couple, but i've seen some couples worse than us work on things and come back as strong as ever, and since I know we're both committed to eachother, and committed to working on our issues, both individually and as a couple, I believe we will make it. So yeah, i'm nervous, but i'm happy about my decision. Excited and nervous.