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backyard/casual outdoor weddings?
by C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe (opaloctober)
at August 23rd, 2009 (06:54 pm)

Has anyone had a casual outdoor wedding? We have decided to have our ceremony at my aunts home, and it's going to be casual beach/Hawaiian themed. Our reception will be at my hometowns community center.

Did any of you have backyard casual weddings? If so, post pics/stories!!

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Cake Flavors??
by C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe (opaloctober)
at August 18th, 2009 (10:04 pm)

Just out of curiosity, what cake flavors are you going with? Ours will be White Almond Cheesecake (which is white almond cake filled with cheesecake and raspberry puree),  and Amaretto Cake filled with Chocolate Ganache.

Heres a pic of what it will look like:


The icing is buttercream with fondant drapes, and the flowers are gumpaste stargazer lillies. Its costing us:

8-11-14 round Buttercream $3.50 per serv= $350
Gourmet Flavors 20% x base price ($350)=$70
Gourmet Fillings 20% x base price ($500)=$70
Per tier detail (Fondant Drapes) $20= $60
9 Star Gazer Lilies gum paste, handmade and painted $7ea=  $63

Total for Buttercream covered cake $613

Delivery to Trinity (myy hometown and the wedding and reception location) $25

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Common law wedding...
by C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe (opaloctober)
at August 16th, 2009 (09:48 pm)

Has anyone ever held a common law wedding? While my fiance and I have been common law married about 3 years now, it's not quite the right time to have a legal wedding, due to the fact that we're moving back to my hometown to finish our degrees, and will be living in separate places (due to the fact that my mom and grandparents can barely stand him), and we just want to have a small commitment ceremony with our families and some friends, and eventually do all of the other paperwork for a legal 'on paper' marriage after graduation, which is a few years away. Also, we have decided to have a prenup, and since common law marriage is recognized in Texas, i'm wondering if we would have to have that done up for the common law ceremony or just wait until the legal ceremony is done...

Punim [userpic]
Two flower girl dresses for sale
by Punim (shyshutterbug)
at July 25th, 2009 (06:32 pm)

(Mods, forgive me if this is an inappropriate post for the forum.)

I'm trying VERY hard to get rid of two girls' formal dresses. Both are girls' size 12, both like new, worn once apiece.

The first is a pale pink tea-length dress, w/stretch top and rosette detail. Stone Gear brand; machine washable. Asking $40. Second is peach brocade tea-length dress, w/petticoat attached and zip-back, somewhat more formal than the pink dress. Zum Zum Kids brand; dry-clean only. Asking $50. I'll take $75 if you want both. Cash or PayPal only, please.

I wore the second in my father and stepmother's wedding in 1995. They're both lovely, in fantastic condition, and would make ideal flower girl dresses. I'm moving to Tennessee in about four weeks, desperately need the money for the move, and am now 22 with no need of girls' dresses. If you have any interest in these dresses, please shoot me a PM or email at punim1974 (at) msn (dot) com. I'm in south Austin and will gladly meet you anywhere in the general metro area. If you're not in a position to drive to Austin, I'll ship them to you for $10 more per dress.

Many thanks.

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at May 5th, 2009 (04:00 pm)

current mood: chipper

1. Name: Sarah Hernandez
2. Wedding Date: November 13, 2010
3. Are you the bride/groom or something else?: Bride
4. Age: 24
5. Where do you live?: San Antonio
6. Where are you getting married?: San Fernando Cathedral
7. Wedding Colors: purple/brown/silver
8. Theme: Spanish Presidio
9. Number of guests: Approximately 100
10. How'd you meet your fiance?: At a show downtown.
11. How long have you been together?: 1 year.
12. Do you have a personal wedding website?: Yes
13. Share a picture or two (behind a cut tag):

The Simplifiers Event Planning - Austin, TX [userpic]
review of: Verbena Floral Design...perfect for Austin weddings and events!
by The Simplifiers Event Planning - Austin, TX (thesimplifiers)
at February 19th, 2009 (08:55 am)

This week we want to tell you about Verbena Floral Design, located at 9 Jefferson Square on 38th Street. Verbena Floral Design has been busy designing centerpieces and bouquets for Austin events, dinner parties, and brides for seven years. They specialize in weddings, events, and unique gifts.

Your personality is of utmost importance to the designers at Verbena. The staff and designers at Verbena are passionate about flowers and quality. They work hard to create arrangements that express who you are. You can choose to pick up your one of a kind creation at their location at Jefferson Square, or they also deliver anywhere within the city limits.


If you are in the area of Jefferson Square, stop by the shop and peruse their extraordinary gift selection. Verbena boasts rare new and vintage gifts that are sure to please the person who “has it all”. They have a wide variety of gifts ranging from jewelry to garden and home decor.

For more information visit their website at: http://www.verbena.com.


To set up an appointment with one of their designers, call: 512-420-0720

or e-mail: email@verbena.com.


The Simplifiers Event Planning
 offers full service and day-of coordination wedding planning for clients and can help you find the right florist to design your bouquet, centerpieces and boutonnieres.  For more information, visit www.thesimplifiers.com or call 512-695-7744.

(written in part by Leah Neas, The Simplifiers)

The Simplifiers Event Planning - Austin, TX [userpic]
Venue Review: Looking for a versatile Austin wedding or special event venue: Monarch Event Center!
by The Simplifiers Event Planning - Austin, TX (thesimplifiers)
at February 2nd, 2009 (02:26 pm)


Monarch Event Center is located at 6406 North IH-35 suite 3100, just minutes from downtown and easy to drive to. They feature four event rooms in an 18,000 square foot space. Each room has its own unique charm.


The largest of the rooms is the Auditorium at 5025 sq feet, it can host up to 750 people standing and 300 seated. The Auditorium is home to a 24x32' foot stage, great for live music. The stained concrete floors make for a great dance floor. This room would be a perfect space to hold a wedding reception or even a high-school reunion.


The second largest space is the Hall at 3402 sq feet. The Hall has the capacity to host 400 people standing and 300 seated. It would be a great space to have a corporate conference or a private event.


Third on the list as far as space is the Theater which can host 275 people seated only. This room has a 10x20 stage and a full sized cinema screen. It features comfortable seating and flowing red curtains. The theater would be perfect for an up and coming Austin film student to show off his final film project to 275 of his closest friends and family.


Lastly, there is the Lobby area at 2550 sq feet. The Lobby can host 200 people standing and 125 seated. There is a stone bar which is the main feature of this beautiful room. There is also a kitchen/prep area (behind the scenes) available for catering. The smaller space makes it perfect for cocktail parties, art shows, or private parties.


Monarch Event Center can offer catering services as well.  They are offer a full menu to meet varied tastes and will also work with your preferred caterer and/or local restaurants  to best meet the needs of your event.


To book this space:

Contact: Marcus Rendon, 512-371.1711, or info@monarcheventcenter.com

or visit their website at:



One of our current clients, STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo is holding their annual event at the Monarch Event Center on Saturday, March 7, 2009. 
Click here for more details!

Check it out!

(written in part by Leah Neas from The Simplifiers)

The Simplifiers are a full service event planning agency in Austin, TX, specializing in weddings, corporate events, private parties, fundraisers and galas.  We help simplify your life.

aibell the quene [userpic]
another wedding dress trip
by aibell the quene (sheisaeval)
at December 1st, 2008 (02:59 pm)

On Sat we went to Davids, which I have been avoiding thus far, but it was a surprisingly pleasant experience, the salesgirl was pretty nice and helpful, and I tried on a lot of dresses. Most of them I didn't feel as if it fits me that well, but some were nice, although there are parts that I may have not liked as much.

Anyway, behind the cut are the NINE dresses I've tried on:
click for lots of dressesCollapse )

I think I liked 7 best,but I wish it was a little more sweetheart in the neckline, but I do like the corset look. 8 is a corset look too but I don't like the "slouchy" dress look. I also sorta liked the shape of 3, the bottom of 4, the lace up back but no the asymmetry of the front of 6.

Any opinions?

coachebony [userpic]
introduction and venue question
by coachebony (coachebony)
at November 17th, 2008 (09:17 pm)
current mood: busy

1. Name: Ebony
2. Wedding Date: October 24, 2009 (I think)
3. Are you the bride/groom or something else?: bride
4. Age: 32
5. Where do you live?: Temporarily - California. Permanently - Houston 
6. Where are you getting married?: Houston
7. Wedding Colors: deep purple and green (think the color of green beans or asparagus) with white and black accents 
8. Theme: none
9. Number of guests: 150 - 200
10. How'd you meet your fiance?: At a basketball tournament (I was coaching; he was watching)
11. How long have you been together?: believe it or not only 7 months - WOW! 
12. Do you have a personal wedding website?: Still working on it
13. Share a picture or two (behind a cut tag): We're taking engagement pics over Thanksgiving. I will share then.

Venue QuestionCollapse )

Thanks for your help!

mtveu [userpic]
Are you engaged & underage?
by mtveu (mtveu)
at October 24th, 2008 (11:53 am)

Hey guys -
I hope you don't mind me posting in this community. This isn't spam. I am a casting agent for MTV's Engaged & Underage. Please read this flyer and contact me if you're interested!

Are you… 

Engaged & Underage? 


Tell us your story!



Are you engaged and planning your wedding?


If you and your fiancee are both between the ages of 18-22 and have already popped the question to your boyfriend or girlfriend, MTV wants to hear from you.


We want to shoot all of the excitement of your engagement and wedding for a new documentary series, Engaged & Underage.


Who says you're too young to get married? You think you're ready. This is going to be the biggest day in your life. Are you psyched? Are you overwhelmed? What about all of the planning? Have you met your future in-laws? Are you anxious about that? Who's coming to the wedding? What are you fighting about along the way? What's bringing you closer together? Are you going to go through with it? Maybe you'll elope!!!


You both must be between the ages of 18 and 22. Best case scenario: you're getting married in 2008. Share the excitement leading up to the greatest day.


Email us at engagedandunderage@mtvstaff.com


Tell us the details about when you are getting married and where and why this is important to you. Also be sure to include your name, address, home phone, cell phone, work phone, email address and a digital photo of yourself if possible...