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texasweddings's Journal

Weddings in the great State of Texas
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Welcome to the Texas Weddings community! This community was created specifically for weddings that are going to be in Texas. This community is open to anyone that would like to share plans, ideas, vendor tips and anything else related to planning/having a wedding in Texas.

Right now I'd rather not have a bunch of rules in place but I do have 2. I reserve the right to add more as needed.

1. All posts must be on topic. Poster need not be in Texas, or have their wedding in Texas, but please keep things relevent to a texas weddings community. If there is a question as to if it fits, please don't get upset if it is deleted, although I am pretty open so I hope this doesn't happen. It's all about being respectful to readers.
2. Be nice. Opinions vary that doesnt mean that just because your opinion doesnt match someone else's you have the right to be rude. You dont.

I am not the original moderator of this community, and since I have a chance to get this place up and running again, I may not run things like people have in the past. This is not a statement about how anyone else ran things, but just how it is. I am not fond of making restrictions about what people can and cannot say. So I dont plan on micro-managing but just keep things friendly and helpful.

When you join please take a moment to post this little survey so we can get to know you better and so I can get a list of wedding dates. :)

1. Name:
2. Wedding Date:
3. Are you the bride/groom or something else?:
4. Age:
5. Where do you live?:
6. Where are you getting married?:
7. Wedding Colors:
8. Theme:
9. Number of guests:
10. How'd you meet your fiance?:
11. How long have you been together?:
12. Do you have a personal wedding website?:
13. Share a picture or two (behind a cut tag):

This community is run by kc939. My wedding is set for December 31rst 2006, here in Austin, my hometown.
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